The Jasminator Dictionary is the Words that the Jasminators from all over the World Use! All these words were created by the Jasminators and Jasmine V herself.

All the WORDS you need to Know!







#divas - girl Jasminator

#dons - boy Jasminator

#iownthis - Jasmine v song

Ja - i

Ja Be - i am

Jamino - i love you.

Jadios - goodbye

Jacias - thank you

Jasminate - don’t hate, jasminate (show love)

Jasminator - someone who is a fan of Jasmine V

#jasminator247 - A person who is constantly believing in Jasmine V

#jasminator4lyfe - Someone who will always be there for Jasmine V no matter what

Jasminictionary - All the words that the jasminators and Jasmine v have made up!

#JasminatorMission - tasks Jasmine gives to the Jasminators

Jassup - what’s up

Jello - hello

#luvies - what the jasminators call each other

OMV - Oh My Villegas

#onefineboy - a cute boy

#serious - Jasmine v song

TGIF - Thank God it friday

#tunnelvision - Focusing on your dream and not listening to anyone who tries to bring you down

#VillegasVirus - the virus us Jasminators got ;)


#wur - would u rather